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I cant get past the gravity section the grabbing in that area is bunk

Great game and amazing concept reminded me a lot of the portal series but that's not a bad thing at all, great work I really enjoyed it.


I finished the game in an hour just then, it is a great game based on a great concept. At some moments in the game I would get stuck and then once I figure it out the answer seems so obvious. There were a couple of bug that I found throughout the game, 1. the cube would bug out when placed on the edge of a portal, 2. you can't place a portal below you sometimes when on the side of a wall in 0g after getting there with a sprint jump and 3. (not sure if its a bug) you move REALLY slow along the roof when you don't do a sprint jump on the 0g world. The game was challenging and frustrating once you got the the main world but definitly worth playing.

some other minor things you could change would be the tutorial only lasting a small amount of time (I only realised you could use R in the final levels)

portals can take a second to open

lag spikes

sensitivity was a bit low (although I was on a touch pad)

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I just finished the whole game after 2 hours and a half ! I think that game is amazing. With a unique concept and so many good puzzle ideas, and the game's lifetime is pretty correct. Quite disapointed of the few buggy moments that could make the player feel really inconfortable but it totally worth the experience. I hope there will be a new version some day but right now I would just say this: "Kabam son!" 

It's an amazing and unique concept, one that I wish I could have explored further but I ended up rage quitting due to the bugs and the limited response time in the portals. I also wish that the tutorial would wait until I had acknoledged that I read it (with a keystroke or a click or something) before disappearing as I missed som instruction at the beginning that would have helped me later on. All in all, I think you're really on to something and despite the bugs it really is a fascination concept that I had a lot of fun exploring. I made a small gameplay video on the game, and if you got the chance to check it out I'd really appreicate it. In the meantime, keep up the great work, I look forward to seeing what this game becomes! 

i dont understand lvl 15

Everything in the game was good

Thanks to the developer that i had some fun C:

A little buggy but I like what you're doing with it

Very Fun... but I did get stuck on Intro 11 - Vertically for a while

Enjoyed this quite a bit  you have to figure out with portal to use when i only got to the 3rd portal use as the anti gravity mechanic is hard to do. I'm sure this is suppose to simulate what it would be like with no gravity but, I feel I can't control my character at all in the direction I want to go in 0 gravity.

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Отличная игра! сделал обзор на нее.

Hey, great game, love the concept. I was wondering if you could give me a few hints as to how you made the seamless portals. I've always wanted to know how they did it in Portal 1 & 2 and now here is a game which does a similar thing and isn't owned by a billion dollar company. Please :)

They talk a bit about it in the developer commentery

dun dun dun

Awesome game, really like what's been done with it so far.  It's simplistic playstyle mixed with the advanced dimension shifting really coincides with one another. I really enjoyed the game and loved the idea behind it!

Wow, I really can't believe that such an awesome game is free.




At first look this game plays like portal, but with more of a challenge, i actually enjoyed this game and made a video on my YT channel 

The idea is very good, but the execution could use some fine tuning.  I'll start with what I like first, each environment feels very unique, and each has its own purpose, making for a very interesting mechanic for a puzzle game.  The graphics, the look, to the game is fairly nice too.  But the environment gets in the way of itself, certain mechanics don't like to work properly, making it generally frustrating just to do simple actions.  The puzzles themselves seem to be very simple, but the solution is hidden in some obscure corner of the room, I wouldn't continue playing this, as solving the puzzles don't feel like I figured out a puzzle, it just feels like I stumbled upon the solution, which isn't rewarding.  Nice work on the build, I just think it needs some adjusting, as of now I don't like it.  

Hiya! I did a video on your game. I really enjoyed it!

You surprised me with how good this game actually was, good job!

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Seems like an absolutely amazing idea. And it's free as well! I'm now downloading it.


Well, I guess Chell from Portal is a noobie, she didn't deal with that many portals. :)


Rrally fantastic puzzler you have here. The portal/reality switching mechanic is solid, though can have a few issues when near other objects. And the different realities are all so distinct and have such a great feel. I didn't make it far enough to see the fifth one, so I can't speak to the late game, but opening up some of the areas would have been nice, always a bit claustrophobic. Great work overall!